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Real-time Integration & Visualization Solutions

Internet of Things Solutions

Diagramics is a proud member of:
  • Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance
  • Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance
  • GE Digital Alliance

Diagramics IoT Data Visualization Solutions

Diagramics IoT Data Visualization Solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud and integrated with various IoT platforms:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
  • Intel IoT Platform
  • Samsung Artic Smart IoT Platform

Diagramics IoT Data Visualization for Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Diagramics Visual Server™ is server-side dynamic graphics composition and rendering software that runs on Microsoft Windows Server VM-s on cloud or on premises.

Diagramics Visual Server is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty data visualization scenarios, required by high-traffic web or native applications.

Diagramics Visual Server is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and various components of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform (Service Bus, IoT Hub, Data Lake, Data Factory, DocumentDB, Azure Active Directory, etc.)

Our IoT Data Visualization solutions are extensible and easily customizable, powered by IT process automation and variaty of custom data connectors.

Diagramics Visual Server is also can be integrated with Microsoft PowerBI and Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics.

Diagramics IoT Data Visualization for Intel IoT Platform

InfogramicsĀ® Data Visualization for IoT Systems.

  • IoT data visualization cloud platform
  • applications for Windows 8.1/10
  • "Live Tiles" dashboards
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Control room panels and walls