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Visual Merchandising

Diagramics is a proud member of:
  • Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance
  • Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance
  • Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)

Diagramics Visual Merchandising

Diagramics Visual Merchandising Solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud and integrated with numerous visualization device vendors, including:

  • Intel RealSense cameras
  • Samsung interactive displays
  • Kino-mo Hypervsn holograms

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How Diagramics is using modern visualization technology to engage consumers?

Transparent Displays

Transparent OLED displays offer impressive visual merchandising and visual experience to customers of all ages.

Diagramics visual merchandising solutions will help retailers to integrate their ERP and CRM data with digital media libraries to deliver high-impact personalized shoping experience.


Diagramics partners with UK-based innovative technology company Kino-mo to deliver data-driven personalized visual merchandising experience.

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