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Cloud Visualization Solutions


Vancouver, BC, Canada
Profile: Diagramics is a provider of cloud visualization platform and custom data visualization solutions.
Corporate Structure: Privately held by founders and employees.
Financially self-sustaining and profitable since inception.
Diagramics relies on the strength and quality of its products and services; it has no investors, no debt, and no outside funding.
Founded: Founded in 2004 by a group of former Microsoft employees, who had been creating Microsoft MSN, Microsoft Money, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft CRM.
Team: Top-rang Microsoft certified professional software developers.
  • IT consulting services
  • design of data visualization solutions
  • implementation assistance
  • hosting and operational services
Products: Cloud Visualization Platform, custom integration and visualization solutions:
  • Financial Charting
  • Personalized Imaging
  • Corporate Signage
  • Virtual Kiosks
  • IoT Data Visualization
Marketing Target:
- small and mid-size organizations and companies
- online brokers
- transportation companies
- financial institutions
- government

- cloud solution providers
- system itegrators