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Cloud Visualization Solutions


Diagramics Cloud Solutions

Diagramics Cloud Solution has everything you need in a complete solution — from technical documentation to partner resources.
Diagramics Cloud Solutions are designed for Cloud Solution Providers (CSP-s) and Managed Solution Providers (MSP-s)
Get started quickly with solutions that customers like OptionsXpress, Trimble Public Safety, and Goverment of Alberta already trust.

IoT Data Visualization

Infogramics® Data Visualization for Azure, GE, and Intel IoT cloud platforms.

  • - IoT data visualization cloud platform
  • - data integration platform, custom connectors
  • - "Live Tiles" interactive dashboards
  • - Interactive diagrams and dynamic digital signage
Turnkey IoT data visualization solutions:
  • - Remote Monitoring Data Visualization for Azure IoT Suite
  • - Remote Monitoring Data Visualization for Intel IoT Platform

Financial Charting

Diagramics Financial Charting solutions are specifically designed for use by the financial organizations, online brokers, banks, stock exchanges, and financial web sites.

Our Financial Charting solutions are licensed and branded by some of the biggest names in financial industry to bring advanced charting visualization technology to professional traders, analysts and self-directed investors.

Our solutions are extensible and easily customizable, powered by our advanced financial charting engine, specifically built for precise graphical analysis of financial and stock markets.

Personalized Imaging

Photogramics™ Personalized Imaging for your Business and Enterprises.

  • - Personalized Imaging Cloud Platform
  • - Photogramics application for Windows 8.1/10
  • - "Live Tiles" from your cloud photo-sharing service