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Real-time Integration & Visualization Solutions

Financial Charting

Diagramics is the proud developer of XpressCharts
financial charting solution for one of the world's best
online broker -

Diagramics Financial Charting Solutions

Diagramics Software Corporation provides organizations such as online brokers, banks, web portals, and other firms conducting business over the web the ability to reliably outsource the responsibility for graphical financial web content – charts, images and diagrams.
Our client roster includes companies ranging from well-respected companies to fast paced start-ups.
Our two clients groups include:
  • value-conscious clients who integrate our charts on the clint-side of their websites with minimal integration work
  • clients who prefer to run our charting software from their own website servers or cloud-hosted VM-s.
Client of both groups are expected to provide raw data feeds for our charting software.

Diagramics Financial Charting Server

Diagramics Financial Charting Server is a powerful, hight-performance web server developed specifically for use by the financial organizations, online brokers, banks, stock exchanges, and financial web sites.

Diagramics Financial Charting Server is licensed and branded by some of the biggest names (e.g. in the business to bring advanced charting, and visualization technology to professional traders, analysts and self-directed investors.

Diagramics Financial Charting Server is an extensible, easy to customize financial charting engine. It is one of the most advanced charting application for graphical analysis of financial and stock market.

Technical Analysis

Diagramics provides almost a hundred built-in technical indicators, and will help you to implement your own unique formula.

Multiple indicators, studies and overlays can be simultaniously plotted on a single chart.