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Interactive Media Walls

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Diagramics Interactive Media Walls

Interactive Media Walls are a new display format in public communication space, mostly found in corporate lobbies, museums or transit terminal corridors.

The media wall is a large collection of LCD screens tiled together in a landscape form (average length is four-feet by sixteen-feet), and fitted out in a lobby or specialized public space area.

The media wall is effectively is a multiscreen digital signage - the media wall displays a series of photographs, graphics, and video files, as well as IoT and business data visualization visuals.

Some of the image and graphics visuals are made touch-sensitive, multi-touch with your hands activate variuos moving, resizing and rotaing actions on visuals and activating additional information to be displayed.

Media walls are combination of interactive displays and digital signage with no shortage of people appearing to activate them.

Media wall at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe, where the average table waiting time could be anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half.
Media wall helps guests pass the time and make their wait more enjoyable.

How Diagramics Interactive Media Walls are different?

Diagramics is working on the next generation of Interactive Media Walls, which focus on IoT and business data visualization, rather than only on user entertainment.

Traditionaly, each application for interactive media wall required a substantial amount of programming.

Diagramics Visualizaiton Platform replaces programming with composition - all work can now be done inside the Diagramics Studio™ interactive media designer, or, in simplest scenarios, even in Power Point.

Diagramics Interactive Media applications are compact packages that are can be pushed to any Diagramics-powered interactive media player.

The packages are access right protected, so the access to visual information can be restricted, if necessary.