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Operations Control Centers

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Operations Control Centers

The operational heart of any business is its Control Center.

A well-designed Control Center allows you to keep an eye on all your product lines and business activities in one place and get a full picture of your production thanks to numerous monitors displaying timely and relevant information.

Diagramics' Operations Control Center is a multi-screen visualization solution that delivers a "visual concerto" performed by a group of synchronized animated dashboards.


Visualization transforms machine-generated digital information into interactive visual presentations that allow Control Center operators to consume the information in milliseconds.

Diagramics' Operations Control Center is a multi-screen visualization solution that delivers a "visual concerto" performed by a group of synchronized animated dashboards, each powered by a tiny computer running Windows 10 IoT Core and Diagramics Visual Player software.

Each computer generates graphics out of data and templates and renders visuals "in-place" - locally and directly to the screen it attached to, thus eliminating the need for AV cables, powerful video cards, expensive graphical servers and heavy network traffic.

Automation provides Control Center with invisible connectivity links to your equipment, backend and cloudvisual visu services, IoT devices and sensors, orchestrating complex processes of ingestion, transformation and distribution of data via various informational and visual channels.

Distributon of the visualization tasks, templates, and encrypted data streams to dashboard computers is orchestrated by the Azure-cloud-hosted or on-premises-hosted Diagramics Visual Server, which is also responsible for various critical aspects of the solution – content management, access control, visual template management, data binding, digital media, IT & IoT process automation.


Affordability. Perhaps not-mission-critical, but very important aspect is the affordability of your Control Center.

Prepare to answer these questions:

  • How much efforts and time will it require to build a small Control Center, a medium size center, a large one?
  • How many cables, switches, graphics server computers, graphic cards will be required?
  • Will you be able to mix-and-match visualization solutions from different vendors?
  • How will you hook up data from your ERP, CRM, Active Directory, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SaaS and LOB applications?
  • How will you create new visualization templates, bind them to data, deploy the visualization, schedule playlists
  • How will control who and when will have access permissions to view the data?
  • How will you integrate your new equipment, IoT device and visualize the IoT data in real-time?

Diagramics will help you to answer these and many other related questions with its new Diagramics Visual Automation Platform and custom visualization solutions for Operations Control Centers.