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Diagramics Visual Channels™

Diagramics Visual Channels™ is an Azure Event Grid partner solution.

Diagramics Visual Channels is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables enterprise customers to add low-code interactive diagrams, charts, and Augmented Reality apps to their real-time messaging solutions.

Packaged as an Azure Managed Application, Diagramics Visual Channels infrastructure components are provisioned in the customer Azure subscription but managed by the Diagramics team.

At the same time, the visual Channels management (channel creation, connections to Azure Event Grid, digital twin data models, visual template data bindings, etc.) are expected to be performed by the customers' admins.

Creation of visual content is generally no-code composition, done by customers' graphical designers and application developers.

Diagramics Visual Channels transform customers' Azure Event Grid events into a real-time Digital Twin entities, which are get visualized by the Diagramics server-side composition and rendering software. Then this auto-generated graphics gets distributed to the customers' digital displays.

Diagramics Visual Channels solution is specifically designed to handle high-performance data visualization scenarios, like real-time IoT data visualization of Connected Factory or Connected Warehouse, which require interactive Augmented Reality visualization of hundreds of objects with sub-second latency.

For more detail, please refer to: Azure Marketplace - Diagramics Real-time Visual Channels