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Diagramics Consulting - Internet of Things Blueprints

Diagramics is a registered Microsoft Azure IoT Advisor

Companies are excited by the opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT), but CIO-s are realizing IoT is not a “one size fits all” solution.
The integration of IoT technologies varies among companies and industries significantly.

Implementing the right IoT solution requires an IoT architect

Any IoT implementation includes a combination of foure key architectural components – things, gateways, clients, and cloud.

  • Things
    Things can be dumb or smart on their own and store some or most of their data onboard. Things can be self-sufficient and/or communicate to the internet for centralized coordination and analysis.
  • Gateways
    Gateways helps devices to communicate with the Cloud. Gateways may house some of the application logic, but most of the business logic is implemented by the Cloud.
  • Cloud
    Cloud is the central connection hub, power analytics and data storage. Things don’t have to be as smart, because the cloud provides these resources.
  • Smart clients
    Smart clients (smartphone or any mobile device, web app, native app, etc.) are devices that users use to interact with IoT systems. Smart clients may house application logic, store data silos and communicate with the Cloud on behalf of things that are connected to it.

There is no single "location" for an IoT application. The functionality, data, business logic, and even UI composition and rendering of IoT applications are actually highly distributed – on the smart thing itself, in a gateway, in a smart client and in the cloud.

Each IoT architecture will include more than one of these four functional components.
The ultimate goal of modern IoT architectures is to eliminate the technological segregation created by the cloud, gateways, things and clients.

Implementing the right IoT solution requires an IoT architect

Consider leverage our experience in building Internet of Things solutions that were carried out by our certified cloud solution architects.

What is the right Cloud architecture for your IoT business – today and tomorrow?

Our team of IT operations experts and Cloud consultants bring their extensive experience in designing and implementing Cloud architectures to your business, to help you determine a best of breed approach that is high performing/available, cost effective, scalable for the future, and best suited for your business needs.

Our approach:

  • Planning
    Diagramics consultants will work to understand your needs and business goals, identify architectural, application and underlying infrastructure issues, assess your performance monitoring needs and perform a gap analysis.
  • Information Gathering
    Diagramics consultants will work directly with your line of business and IT teams to gather knowledge about your business, and your application and infrastructure environment.
    When possible we can interact directly with your services in your current production or UAT environment.
  • Extra Help
    Diagramics is Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner. If necessary, we can reach out to Microsoft's products teams and solution architects, expers in data analitics, data management, Azure Cloud solutions, Azure IoT Suite, hybrid identity management, security, and other specific areas. Also, we can get Microsoft Partner Support team assistance on customer's technical support service requests.
  • Analysis & Recommendations
    With information, knowledge and data gathered, we’ll evaluate our findings and present back to you our findings, along with a recommended architectural approach

Key Points:
  • Reference Architecture
    We’ll help you determine the right architectural model for your IoT business, whether that’s a public Cloud, private Cloud, or hybrid Cloud environment.
  • Cloud Security
    Hybrid Identity Management and Role-based Access Control (RBAC) in cloud scenarios is our speciality.
  • Cloud Licensing
    Diagramics is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. We can help you to acquire all Micosoft products and select the best licensing options for your business case.
  • Management Experience
    Diagramics not only designs and builds Cloud architectures, we manage them as well