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Consulting - Azure Cloud

Diagramics is a registered Microsoft Planning Services
partner and an Azure Advisor

Diagramics Consulting - Azure Cloud

We assist our clients:

  • Build strategic roadmap to Azure cloud
  • Migrate LOB business applications to cloud
  • Configure and manage hybrid environments
  • Manage user hybrid cloud identities, access rights
  • Manage Office 365, Dynamics 365 and 3-rd party SaaS applications

We offer customers to build new cloud applications and manage existing ones.
We help organization and cloud service providers to take full advantage of Azure cloud to create profitable new revenue streams, and find new ways to connect with customers.

Cloud Strategy:build the roadmap and provide guidance for transition to cloud
Cloud Application Selection: evaluate business applications and workloads to determine suitablity for cloud
Cloud Application Assesment: gather and assess functional and other requirements for migration to cloud
Cloud Application Prof of Concept: take select requirements and develop a PoC to test key functionality and technical feasibility
Cloud Application Development: develop new applications that leverage cloud-specific benefits
Cloud Application Migration: move applications from "legacy" environments to cloud
Cloud Application Management: manage business applications across on-premise and cloud environments

WE will help you to deploy and manage:

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)
Azure Active Directory
Azure SQL BI
Data Lake, Data Factory, NoSQL/DocumentDB
Azure App Service (Logic Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps)
Azure Storage, Networking, Security
Azure Media Services
Service Bus, Event Hub, IoT Hub
RemoteApps, PowerApps, Flows
Office 365 / Dynamics 365