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Diagramics is a registered Microsoft Online Services Advisor

Diagramics Consulting - Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables you to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter.

Azure Stack extends the Azure vision by bringing the cloud model of computing to every datacenter. Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables organizations to deliver Azure services from their own datacenter in a way that is consistent with Azure

Cloud is a paradigm, not a place

Almost every asset in your company have organically grown with your IT investments. Most of these important assets are kept behind the corporate firewall, where companies feel they can best control performance, customization, and compliance.

For many of these assets, participation in the cloud computing revolution remains elusive. All the while, new start-ups without these “assets” accelerate their businesses quickly.

Migration to cloud challenges

Given its strategic significance, application modernization must be seen at an organizational level, not an application by application level.
But what of existing investments, assets and business realities?
One-off cloud solutions may lead to a modern application, but enterprise wide application modernization requires the coherent and continuously evolving platform similar to those created by hyper-scale cloud providers.
And this is fundamentally the problem: existing business assets that cannot currently transition to public cloud risk being alienated from agility and innovation promised by the cloud computing era.

Solution to your hybrid cloud problems

With Microsoft Azure Stack, organizations can stop asking how their applications and datacenters can move to the cloud and start thinking about how they can also bring the cloud to their datacenter.
This allows limited resources to be focused on innovation and not simply creating and supporting an isolated private cloud environment.

How we can help

Azure Stack product is currently is in technology preview stage.

Diagramics is one of the few ISV companies selected to conduct direct discussion with the Azure Stack team to help the team to guide the Azure Stack product’s future.

After the product release, Diagramics will be working directly with the engineering team for Microsoft Azure Stack to bring this innovative new cloud product to you, and allow your organization to run a continuation of the Azure platform on hardware in your data center.