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Visualization & Monitoring Solutions

Compute Card

Diagramics InfoCard™
Interactive Media Player


A modern Compute Card mini-PC device can turn any HDMI-capable monitor or TV screen into a digital signage board, corporate communication panel, or home information center.

Diagramics' InfoCard™ sofware will help you to power these smart devices and turn them into compact media players that enable interactive media experience on any screen.

Intel Compute Card
Latest Intel credit-card size mini-PC that has a new universal interface, which allows it to plug into any host device with Intel Compute Card slot, including Intel-designed dock.
Windows 10 IoT Core
Newest light-weight operating system from Microsoft, specifically designed for connected IoT devices.
Diagramics InfoPlayer™ middleware
Connectivity to Microsoft Azure IoT cloud. Automated updates and self-registration. Background delivery of data, applications, and media. Health and performance monitoring.
Diagramics UWP applications
Real-time IoT & IT data visualizer, interactive digital media player, animated dashboards